The mission of the Africa Arts Association is to provide educational enrichment opportunities that encourage, promote and support the performing and visual arts for all Africans. We strive to establish and support meaningful arts programs for a secure and vital arts presence in Africa. We believe the arts can open doors of our minds, strengthen character, heal the body and nurture an appreciation of other cultures. 

       Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the cause of music, dance, visual art, drama/theatre and all other arts disciplines by assisting the establishing and running of numerous associations/alliances in different parts of Africa.
  • To increase public awareness and engagement in the arts through education and advocacy. 
  • To introduce a radical change in the concept and quality of all arts disciplines to make it an adequate instrument to rejuvenate the values of human life and the African society at large.
  • To promote the arts and establish active links with all African countries.
  • To make people aware of their National and Universal cultural heritage for the need of the Arts as an essential element for the financial and logical development of individuals and society.
  • To ensure the social and economic rights of the artists are protected.
  • To organize exhibitions, seminars, conferences and lectures to promote a better understanding of the Arts.
  • To encourage research, collect and catalogue data and relevant material concerning artists and art movements in Africa.
  • To raise the level of the arts criticism and to ensure freedom of expression for the artists and arts educators.
  • To federate with similar representative organizations of arts locally and globally.
  • To motivate and nurture young students and artists to participate in upgrading the arts in Africa.
  • To support and maintain the UNESCO Goals for Development of Arts Education in local countries and Africa at large.

AfrAA accommodates all arts disciplines, for example:

1. Performing Arts 

African and Modern Dance 

Drama and Theatre 

African Music 

Classical Music 

Modern Music 

Media Arts

Radio Production 

New Media Design

Music Production 

2. Visual Arts 

Drawing, Art Theory, 

Ceramics, Jewelry, Textiles, Carpet-making, Painting Illustration, Woodcuts, Recycling, Puppet-making, Domestic Objects, Backdrop Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Photography, Signwriting, Carving, Molding 

3. Media Arts                                        

Radio Production

Television Production

New Media Design

Music Production

Join the Africa Arts Association to reflect on the past and the future of arts education in Africa.